We’ve received this message from our brazilian mate, Marck (Nitrocorpz / Designers Mixtape):

Last Sunday, April 29th, during a photo shoot for a client, our house got broken into and my Macbook Pro 17″ was stolen. I spent years saving money to buy this computer, which costs a fortune in Brazil. To make matters even worse, I lost all of my files, I mean EVERYTHING (professional and personal work, email contacts/communication, etc.).My computer’s serial number is: W86243M1THY just in case you see it laying around somewhere. We filed a police report, but it’s Brazil, so we not very hopeful of recovering it.

I thought I would make a donation page in case you’d like to help me raise money to get something (anything) so I can get back to work.

Thanks for all the love and support. Peace, Marck