Radio Simba is an examination of the colliding borders of entrepeneurship, commerce and the passion for music worldwide. It seems wherever I travel, there’s a guy and a boombox of some type playing music to entertain the locals. The poorer the place, the more ingenuity goes into powering them. In Africa I’ve seen these radios powered by old car batteries, I’ve seen solar panels hard at work supplying juice to vintage jam box’s grabbing reggae beats from the airwaves through coat hanger antenna’s. I’ve listened to fourth or fifth generation mix tapes spun to life in the apparatus of a bar room boombox. All these radios have a common theme of escapism, but they also share a bond of having come from a roadside vendor trying to make a living. The roadside vendor is usually a middle man selling for another supplier even higher up on the chain. I’ve been documenting these vendors in my travels. They are a feisty bunch, with personalities often equally as loud as the merchandise they sell.