The Helping Hounds of Hell is a charity project initiated in summer 2007 by Twilite® Skateboards in association with Groupe Dejour a.k.a. GDBG (a collective of young graphic designers). All benefit will be donated to Sage Hospital in West Africa. Therefore Twilite® Skateboards provided 100 boards to be painted by more than 30 international artists curated by Jörg Heikhaus from Heliumcowboy artspace: 44flavours, 56k, Beatsteaks, blackjune™, Blami, Nina Braun, Jon Burgerman, CAnTs.DBL, Victor Castillo, Alex Diamond, Gabriel Dubois, Ephameron, GDBG, The Haina, Havec, Boris Hoppek, HORT, Human Empire, Eilert Janssen, Kingdrips, Christophe Lambert, m23 Fons Hickmann, Moki, Neasden Control Centre, Pandarosa & Michael Burman, Rinzen, Antonio Santin, Smash, Via Grafik, Yummie Industries, Zast Real Estate and some more. These boards can be seen & of course bought from 25.01.2008 – 03.02.2008 at the Neurotitan Gallery in Berlin and from 08.02.2008 – 12.02.2008 at the heliumcowboy artspace in Hamburg, Germany.

LINK: www.houndsofhell.de