I just finished up a new project with a buddy of mine. That’s called Rumplo. It’s a little app that makes it easy to find t-shirts from around the world. If you’re into tees and typography, for example, you might enjoy browsing tees tagged with “type”. Or, if you’re a fan of a particular designer, shop, or curator, you could subscribe to his or her work and whenever he publishes a new tee, no matter where it’s for sale, you’ll see it in your subscriptions. You can also submit some of your favorite shirts from around the web to Rumplo and send your friends a link to your submissions page, so whenever you post something new your friends or fans would know. Likewise, if you find people on Rumplo with good taste you can subscribe to their favorites, so you’ll have a fresh stream of graphic tees every day. Thanks, love your blog. Sahadeva, co-founder of Rumplo.

LINK: http://rumplo.com