Above: Teddy Skull, c. 1980 U.S. Felted wool, 6.75″ H x 6.5″ W x 4.5″ D, 2006. Private Collection

Teddy Skulls is a pseudo-scientific study of the morphology of skulls of teddy bears. […] Using a variety of store-bought teddy bears as ‘species’ source material, I am reverse-engineering what their skulls look like and the differences and similarities between ‘breeds.’ […] To sculpt with wool I use a process called felting, which refers to compressing and matting individual fibers into a united solid mass through use of heat, pressure, moisture, or mechanical means. In industrial use, machines compress wool into sheets of felt mechanically by repeatedly plunging beds of sharp, barbed felting needles into loose wool to mat the fibers together. I use the same technique on a smaller scale using a handheld needle to poke loose fibers into a solid shape.