Above: sign designed by Steven Harrington

Hello. We’re back… and sorry for the lack of update. (We’ve spent more time at the beach than at the office this summer.) We’ve also curated and worked hard to prepare the Panos, Fake Roadsigns 2013 exhibition. For those who don’t know, we’ve erected 100 fake streetsigns, designed by 52 artists (see the incredible line up below) in the streets of Lyon, France. 

Panos, Fake Streetsigns features the work of Dust La Rock (USA), Grotesk (USA / Switzerland), Tim Tsui (Hong Kong), Devilrobots (Japan), DGPH (Argentina), Jeremyville (Australia), Steven Harrington (USA), Superdeux (France), Koa (France), 123 Klan (France / Canada), Cody Hudson (USA), Tokidoki (Italy / USA), Eboy (Germany), Kozyndan (USA), Meomi (Canada), The London Police (The Netherlands), Tim Fishlock (UK), Andrew Pommier (Canada), Mike Perry (USA), Emil Kozak (Denmark / Spain), Boris Hoppek (Germany / Spain), Naoshii (Japon), Kid Acne (UK), Shin Tanaka (Japan), Scott Barry (USA), Easy Hey (France), CartOne (France), Yuck (France),  Filter017 (Taïwan), Ilk (France), BShit (France), Skwak (France), Kanardo (France), Skooly DK (France), Amandine Urruty (France), : Phunk Studio (Singapour), Havec (France), Benjamin Güedel (Switzerland), You Are Bautiful (USA), Delphine Durand (France), Asterialand (Hong Kong), Tsuyatsuya Kurosawa (Japan), Bfree (The Netherlands), Delarocca (France), Hellofreaks (France), Elr°y (France), Mlle Bulle (France), Martin Krusche (Germany), Mauro Gatti (Italy), Nelio (France), Mothi (France), Stereotype (France).

LINK: www.bopano.com