A few years ago I acquired a table in an art show at a role-playing gaming convention. I needed to come up with something that would catch the eye, was sci-fi/fantasy related and something I would want hanging on my wall at home. The following year, “Venus by Air” and “Explore the Crimson Canyons of Mars” were very well received and a fellow artist suggested I create posters for the entire solar system. So, the next year (2007) “Europa Air” and “Midnight Zephyr” were added to the collection. Since then I’ve been hard at work completing the series. I really admire the art and design of advertising posters of the early 20th century. Combine that with my appreciation for retro science fiction magazine cover art and you get an ad for a futuristic destination. If you are fan of vintage travel ads you may notice that some of the posters are loosely based on existing travel or transportation posters. Whether that be color, layout or some other design element. I felt it would give them a sense of familiarity.