My interests lie in the imprint people leave behind them. I have always felt that things made by hand have a life in them. That if you care to take the time to make something by hand, that it will last longer and be worth passing on. Living in Oakland the last seven years has played a major role in building who I am, and what I make. […] The way abandoned furniture and artifacts disappear in the night and trade places into other parts of the city, from one home to another. I try to do the same with the materials I am afforded. I am interested in the energy people invest- in raising their young, turning a house into a home, how they interact in their communities, and how what they do in life affects those around them. […] I have always been attracted to things that age has worn because they have seen life already, and most of the time, are not ready to die. Everyone here is connected in some way, and everywhere else.