I grew up in Paris, in the district of Bas-Belleville in the 20th arrondissement, a crossroads in the history of street art and stencil art in particular. Thus Miss.Tic, Nemo and Mesnager are an integral part of my daily life since childhood. Once in 2000, I stopped dead in front of a gray rectangle on a wall, where the day before was still a beautiful stencil. […] It had just been cleaned up by the City. I had taken a picture of it two days earlier. So I started to archive stencils. […] In 2005, I met Christian Guémy aka C215 and founded the association under the same name, a publisher and organizer of exhibitions which have stirred no less than 150 artists from the middle of the illustration and street art. A great adventure that leads me to conceive the Stencil History X book in 2007. […] Today, I work with a core of stencil artists from all walks of life, who I artistically and humanly love. That is why I launched this website which allows everyone to immerse themselves in a specific world. – Enjoy your visit! Samantha.