You probably have noticed the disparition of the “Freedom for Kareem” module on the left column… cause Kareem – the egyptian blogger – is free!
Kareem Amer was set free Monday 15th of November 2010, after spending 1470 days in prison.

Throughout the gloominess of the prison walls, there was also a lustrous ray of hope of those who were by my side; expressing solidarity with me and supporting me during my ordeal. Whether they shared the same views with me or not, they all believed in the cause: Freedom of speech for all, regardless differences and orientations. I really can’t thank them enough! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! I wish for you the best in your lives and careers. I owe you all a big debt of gratitude, which I’ll keep eternally, and never forget the noble and genuine support I’ve received. I’d like to deeply thank some of the unknown soldiers, who gave all they had to support me through the hard times. This is less than what they truly deserve, and even the least thing I can do for them in return. Those unknown soldiers are, in no specific order and please forgive me if I forgot anyone because I’m overwhelmed at the moment, Shahinaz Abdel Salam, the brave activist and blogger who visited me many times in the prison but was blocked afterwards like many others, Dalia Ziada, my dear friend who has done her best supporting me although her letters were blocked also, Esra’a Al Shafei, the Bahraini activist and blogger, and the director and founder of, and especially to all the editors of Those, and many others, have endured extraordinary efforts for me, and they’ve succeeded in spreading my voice worldwide. To all of them; I’m grateful, and I’ll never forget your favour for the rest of my life. Kareem Amer. 27th of November 2010. Cairo